3.5″ Programmable Display

The DSEM835 is a 3.5″ programmable display designed for use on vehicles and off highway machinery. The DSEM835 provides users with outstanding flexibility. The DSEM835 is configured using CODESYS 3.5.

Key Features of the product include: Multi-Functional Inputs, Flexible Outputs, Heated Optically Bonded Display and Tier 4F Stage 5 Engine Support.

112.5 mm x 115 mm x 49 mm (4.438” x 4.53” x 1.93”)
< 1 kg
80 mm diameter (3.15″)
M835-01 – M835 Programmable Display
  • Robust HMI/programmable display specifically designed for mobile applications.
  • Developed to withstand the toughest environments.
  • Optically bonded 3.5″ colour screen for harsh environments.
  • Delivers excellent clarity in high humidity environments.
  • Auto on/off heated display.
  • Enables the product to be used in extreme temperature environments.
  • Powerful processor with Cortex M7 400 MHz clock speed.
  • Provides fast operating response times.
  • 512 KB of SDRAM and 8 MB of flash storage.
  • Allows large files to be stored and accessed quickly.
  • 4 configurable inputs with digital and analogue capability.
  • Provides excellent system flexibility.
  • 3 configurable digital outputs.
  • Provides excellent system flexibility.
  • 1 VREF output (to power sensors).
  • Provides access to power sensor equipment.
  • CAN interfaces (J1939 and Raw CAN).
  • Delivers multiple communications options.
  • PCAN programming interface.
  • To aid simplified programming.
  • Flexible user programming via CODESYS 3.5.
  • Industry standard programming software.
  • IP67 protection/NEMA 6.
  • Ensures high level protection against dust ingress and water penetration.

DSE M835Datasheet.pdf
DSE M835 Installation Instructions.pdf
DSE M835 Manual.pdf