DCH V Series

DCH-V series has 7# LED to show the data from receiver, another LED to show all video so that operator will be more easily to know the status of machinery and be more safety,which mainly are applied for large tonnage crane,segment machine, chain saw, concrete pump truck, track laying machine, track traction equipment, shield machine, concrete shotcrete machine,mine excavation equipment, tunnel excavation equipment, concrete shotcrete machine, track traction equipment, shield machine, electrolytic etc,. DCH-V4802 supports max 48 DI input (toggle/knob/rotate switch, button etc,.)+2 AI input(joystick or potentionmeter).

Its key parameters are belows: Dimensions: 270×160×100mm Weight: 1300g-2000g (depending on configuration) Antenna: inside or outside Start:press start button for 2 seconds Emergency:conforms to EN13849-1 standard. Housing:PA66 +30%GF plastics Protection Class:IP65 Panel components: max 48 DI input (toggle/knob/rotate switch, button etc,.)+4 AI input(joystick or potentionmeter). Two sides functions: start+another 7 buttons functions Intelligence key: DCH iKey Distance:≥150 meters(open environment) Temperature range: -25℃~+70℃ Frequency: 433-434MHz; Display: Signal / battery status and the data from receiver etc,. Display:Video(1-12 channels output) Joystick life: ≥2,000,000 times




Power supply:Li-iron battery 3500mah 7.4VDC Continuous working time: 40 hours (at room temperature) Automatic shutdown: 15 minutes or 30 minutes Add function: safety shutdown function, Vibration alarm and wired control Panel text is decided by customer. DCH-V series receiver can have DO,AO,PWM ,Canopen,Profibus-DP,Profinet,Can, RS485,Devicenet,J1939 output. ETC,.